What’s this? A bit of a Nordic dance love-in – so obviously we’re totally on board. Norwegian producers from today, K-391, Alan Walker and Tungevaag, plus a Swedish producer from yesteryear, Mangoo, have gotten together to put out ‘Play’.
Why the big pile-on? It’s the first three artists paying homage to the fourth. Mangoo’s ‘Eurodancer’ is “considered to be one of the most iconic tracks of all time“. So they wanted to revive it. It’s been brough bang up to date, and now includes an ethereal vocal, too.
And the result? A down-tempo and dreamy dance track that serves as a lush listen from start to finish and fits in perfectly alongside the output the output of the most high profile of the group, Alan Walker. If you like his tunes, you’ll find a lot to love here, too.

You can find ‘Play’ on our Best New Dance playlist.

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