What’s this? A brand-new banger from one of the most reliable bringer-of-bangers in pop these days, Julie Bergan. Her latest single ‘One Touch’.
What’s it like? She’s headed right back to ’80s pop for influence on this one, and come back with the absolute best elements of that era – turning them into the quintessential Julie Bergan tune.
What does Julie say? “These days people are always searching for something new or better, but ‘One Touch’ is about finding that one thing or person that you wanna dedicate your whole life to and how amazing and exciting that can feel!”
Written by? Julie herself, along with Dagny and Rat City!
More from Julie? She’s turned the release into a whole new EP! After ‘Hard Feelings: Ventricle 1‘, she’s now released ‘Hard Feelings: Ventricle 2’ – featuring ‘One Touch’, new song ‘All Of Them’ and two of her 2020 bangers, ‘Commando’ and ‘Kiss Somebody’. You can check out the full EP right here.

You can find ‘One Touch’ on our Best New Pop playlist.


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