(photo: Matilda Hammar)

What’s this? After a packed and productive release schedule in 2021, Swedish artist Julia Viktoria is back with her first single of 2022 – ‘Better Than Me’.
What’s it like? A contemporary pop tune that knows how to tell a story and does so through the most engaging of melodies.
What does Julia say?There are so many of us who have had or have such a relationship – a relationship where you passionately love that other person but still manage to hurt them over and over again. The situation tends to be a bit manic and you try to look in the mirror to figure out how to get better. The person wonders if it would not be better to leave the relationship, only to discover that he/she feels too weak or is afraid of being alone. Instead, the partner is convinced that no one can love better than me.
Written by? Julia herself, along with Beatrice Jaksch and Gabriel Pettersson.

You can find ‘Better Than Me’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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