SONG: Julia Bergwall – ‘When I’m Gone’

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Julia Bergwall? Not heard that name in YEARS! Yeah she debuted two years ago with the incredible ‘Won’t Let You Go‘, and then – yeah – you ain’t heard that name in years.
But she’s back? For now, but Christ knows for how long. So make the very most of this new single. ‘When I’m Gone’.
I mean…. Yeah, let’s hope that title was intentional and she’s in on the joke.
And the song? Crafted with the same kind of style as that aforementioned jam of hers. A soft, melancholic verse, with a banging instrumental chorus. This time around it puts us in mind of the kind of song Kygo would have a hit with.
Written by? Julia herself, along with Jörgen Ringqvist. Produced by Joakim Molitor.

You can find ‘When I’m Gone’ on our Best New Pop playlist.


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