SONG: Josef Johansson – ‘Tysta Leken’

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It’s that boy from Melodifestivalen! Josef Johansson of ‘Hela Natten’ fame and notoriety is back with a new single – a Swedish language cover of Vinsten’s ‘Luckiest Girl’.
Why’d he cover that? We asked him that very question. “I don’t really know why I made a cover of the song. The original sounded very Stockholm, so I wanted to make it kind of Reykjavik-ish with the ghostly pianos in the verses, but also a bit Paris with the goofy synths in the chorus”.
So it sounds quite different? It sounds very different. He also added some of his own lyrics, rather than doing a direct translation. We asked him about that too. “I wrote an entirely new part for the song which became the title. The part goes “Tysta Leken börjar nu, den som pratar åker ut” which translates: ” “The game of silence starts now, the one who talks loses”. So it’s about starting that game over and over again, telling her/him: “Fuck you!!! Let’s never speak again”, only to end up as a loser when calling them back 10 minutes later to say “I love you polar-bear!”.
And what else is Jonathan up to apart from covering songs? Well – we asked him that as well, while we were at it. “I will release more singles and videos soon, on my upcoming album I mainly work with my two friends Filip Åhlman and Jon Eriksson. But also with a guy who’s worked with Katie Melua, for example”.


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