What’s this? Jon Henrik Fjällgren has finally followed up his mega Melfest hit ‘Norrsken’, with a brand-new single. ‘The Way You Make Me Feel’.
Jon Henrik Fjällgren singing in English? Now this I gotta hear. Well, actually, he doesn’t sing in it. He joiks. The English verses are left to featured artist Elin Oskal.
What’s it like? I think we’re probably at the point now where we no longer need to describe what a Jon Henrik Fjällgren song sounds like. Don’t you?
Written by? Jon Henrik Fjällgren, Sharon Vaughn and Tobias Lundgren.
More from Jon Henrik? He’s also released an epic music video for the song too, which you can watch below. It’s got snow, it’s got fire, it’s got trees – it’s WILD!

You can find ‘The Way You Make Me Feel’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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