What’s this? The brand-new single and video from Swedish artist John Lundvik. His first since appearing on that stage in Tel Aviv in May. This is ‘One Night In Bangkok’.
Oh I love that song. Yeah, it’s not *that* song. Same title, new song.
Ah. That’s ballsy. And what’s his like? His night in Bangkok was clearly a raucous one. Soundtracked by a dance beat, and confidently bellowing its way through the many streets, making the most of everything on offer. It’s a big pop number with a slight retro-feel to it.
Written by? Lundvik himself, along with Anderz Wrethov, Stone Johansson and Denniz Jamm.
More from John? Back in May he released his debut EP ‘My Turn‘.

You can find ‘One Night In Bangkok’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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