SONG: John Lundvik – ‘Too Late For Love’ (Sweden’s Eurovision 2019 entry)

He did it?! That’s putting it lightly. He did THAT.
That? He managed to score the full 12 points from every single one of the international juries. That’s unprecedented. Even Loreen or MZW didn’t come close to that.
And the televote? We’ll give you a guess.
He won it? By an absolute landslide. No one else came close.
Impressive stuff. Do Sweden have another Eurovision winner on their hands? Well the (literally) flawless result the song had with the juries can’t be overlooked, and so it would be difficult to imagine the Eurovision jurors not having it amongst their favourites in May.
And the public vote? That’s trickier to predict whether it’ll transfer to European audiences as well. On the one hand, John had the narrative of the whole of Sweden getting behind His Turn – which he won’t be able to rely upon outside of Sweden. But then on the other hand, people haven’t been streaming his song in the numbers they have, because of that narrative – they’ve been listening to it cos they love it, it’s a fantastic tune. So yes, ‘Too Late For Love’ will be entering May as one of the frontrunners and big favourites to win in Tel Aviv. And deservedly so.

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