What’s this? A welcome collaboration between two huge Swedish talents – producer Joakim Molitor and artist Next To Neon. This is ‘Lonely’.
What’s it like? One of those productions that toes the line beautifully between EDM-bang and pop-ballad. Ironically, the song that we’d say is closest in reference to ‘Lonely’ is ‘Scared To Be Lonely’, by Martin Garrix & Dua Lipa. And this one’s just as much of a stunner.
Written by? Joakim Molitor and Next To Neon (Rasmus Viberg), along with Erik Johansson, Simon Jacobsson and Kyle Puccia.
More from Joakim Molitor? Some people are ‘Garbage‘.
More from Next to Neon? Some people are ‘Young & Stupid‘.

You can find ‘Lonely’ on our Best New Dance playlist.

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