What’s this? The brand new single from Swedish producer Joakim Molitor. It’s a super-dreamy slice of excellent synthpop, and on it, he’s featured the vocals of a one Cher Lloyd.
What does Cher say? “Ahead of releasing my own single later in the year, I’ve featured on a track with the very talented Swedish producer Joakim Molitor. The track immediately jumped out at me and it has been so fun taking time out from my own album recording to work with Joakim on this project. I hope you all enjoy the result and I can’t wait to be back later in the year with my new songs!”
Is Cher focusing on her own music as well? It’s hard to say really – she’s only made sure to mention it three times in that quote, for some bizarre reason. Let’s put her down as a maybe, shall we?
More from Joakim? Over the last couple of years he’s been responsible for some excellent tracks of his own, as well as remixes for other artists. Check out some of ’em right here.

You can find ‘4U’ on our Best New Synthpop playlist.

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