SONG: Jessica Bohlin – ‘Från Norr Till Söder’

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What’s this? Swedish artist Jessica Bohlin has just gone and released the boppiest of bops via her new single – ‘Från Norr Till Söder’.
What’s so boppy about it? It’s got that distinct flavour to it that we, so many of you, and – above all – Swedish radio loves so much. That Scandinavian up-tempo re-modelling of country music. Injecting it with both some Nordic melody excellence and some toe-tapping beat knowledge. All contained herein. Think Victor Crone. Think Wiktoria. Think Mimi Werner. Meet Jessica Bohlin and her excellent new tune ‘Från Norr Till Söder’!
Written by? Jessica herself, along with Andrea Lundquist, Patrik Frisk and Pontus Frisk.
More from Jessica? She recently turned in a very memorable, down-beat version of the dansband classic ‘Gråt Inga Tårar‘.

You can find ‘Från Norr Till Söder’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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