SONG: Jenny Silver – ‘Mitt Innersta Rum’

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Oh yay! New Jenny Silver music! Indeed – a brand-new single from the elusive one. ‘Mitt Innersta Rum’.
It’s probably too much to hope for that it’s a schlager banger, right? Erm, well actually…
Shut. Up! Ok, so it’s not quite ‘Something In Your Eyes’ part II that she’s come back with. But she has come back with a revved-up cover of Jessica Andersson’s schlager ballad ‘I Did It For Love’. In Swedish and in SAX!
Ah so she’s done a KamfSTOP! Let’s forget that ever happened after THAT Melodifestivalen car crash she made us endure months later.
Fair. But yeah, a gloriously camp re-working of a gloriously camp ballad.
Ok wow, which schlager slowie for her to cover next? Funnily enough, we’d say Jenny Silver’s ‘A Place To Stay’ is ripe for an up-tempo reimagining!

You can find ‘Mitt Innersta Rum’ on our Best New Pop playlist.


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