What’s this? Danish artist Jada is out with her third single. Get yourself acquainted with the utterly mesmerising ‘Lonely’.
What does Jada say? “The song is about being so caught up in the fear of getting hurt, that it stops you from doing things that you feel in your heart. Not just in romantic relationships, but in other parts of life as well. Life can feel so confusing and scary and this song is about trusting and following yourself and your heart.”
Written by? Jada herself, along with Morten Winther Nielsen. Jada and Morten also produced, along with Niels Kirk and Jonas Bark.
More from Jada? Her debut EP arrives early this year, but until then, you can also check out ‘Sure‘ and ‘Keep Cool‘.

You can find ‘Lonely’ on our Best New Synthpop playlist.

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