SONG: Isle of You – ‘Hold Tight’

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What’s this? The latest single from Swedish duo Isle Of You. This is ‘Hold Tight’.
What does it sound like? It’s essentially the sound of them continuing their ascent to the top very top level of music makers out there. With ‘Hold Tight’ and the two singles that have preceded it, Isle Of You are putting out the kind of songs that you wish your faves were. Had ‘Hold Tight’ been on the new Robyn album, for example, it would be the best thing on there. By far.
What do they say? “We’re so proud of ‘Hold Tight’, it feels like we’ve done something unique! It’s more like a timeline of emotions than a pop song. Instead of writing a “vers, pre-chorus, chorus”-song which has already been done about eleven million times, we wanted to create something that sounds like what falling in love really feels like, when all of your worst fears get mixed up with all you ever really wanted. A love that detonates!”
I need to get on this Isle Of You train, tell me more. “We spend all our awaken, well not only awaken haha, time together, Isle of You is our life project. When we were 16, we realised that we are the kinds that need to live in full speed. It’s like only being alive is not enough! We want the highs and lows, we wanna get lovesick, we wanna cry on the dancefloor and we want our hearts to be broken and mended back together again and again and again. We are always trying to fill every single moment with as much feelings as possible, whether we like it or not, and so we write a lot about that!”
And what’s next? “2019 will be the most amazing year so far! Next friday we’re playing together with Junior Brielle at Mejeriet in Lund and looking forward to all coming gigs this year. Last week, when we were touring with Highasakite, we accidentally stole their beers…and for next week, we’re thinking of stealing Junior Brielles hairstyles…”
Best bit of the song? From 2:20 when it absolutely goes OFF.
Written by? Isle of You themselves (that’s Elin and Ida), along with Joakim Budee, who also produced it.
More from Isle Of You? Those last two singles we mentioned earlier – ‘Change Of Heart‘ and ‘Backseat Ceremony‘.

You can find ‘Hold Tight’ on our Best New Synthpop playlist.

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