What’s this? A Christmas single and video from Swedish artist Isak Danielson – ‘Snowman’.
That man never stops writing. Well actually, this is a cover of another artist’s song – Sia, no less!
And what’s his version like? Well as is customary for an Isak Danielson track, he’s injected his own inimitable brand of gloom and doom into it. But Christ, hook it to our veins and feed it to us via a drip, cos we can’t get enough of said misery! And kudos to the gent for not changing the gender reference of the song. A queer ally on top of everything else!
More from Isak? We’re still giving plenty of plays to the absolute stunner that he released a few months back – ‘Silence‘.

You can find ‘Snowman’ on our A Scandipop Christmas playlist.


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