SONG: Isac Elliot feat. Tyga – ‘Lipstick’

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A brand new Isac Elliot single? Released today, it’s his new ‘un. And his first real attempt at taking things outside of the Nordics. It’s called ‘Lipstick’, and he’s managed to rope in fucking TYGA to feature on it.
What’s the song like? Both musically and vocally, it’s the most mature he’s ever sounded. That voice is deepening for sure. And the song itself is a well produced r&b pop track which employs that ‘big’ and ‘expensive’ sound that shaped r&b pop at the turn of the millenium. Some of his younger fans might be a bit WTF at this, but it’s a really good treat for the rest of us. And will probably earn him a LOT of new fans in the process.
More from Isac? He’s filmed a video for the song with Tyga, which will be dropping soon.


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