What’s this? New music from ISA. So you know it’s gonna be good. Her new single ‘Shy’.
ISA? Shy? Surely not! That’s the point. Speaking about the song, she says: “Shy is a call to dare those afraid on acting on suppressed impulses, emotions, and ambitions to go through with them. This year for me has been all about being “shy” – I left the security of Sony Music and started my own label, and can now make music which is 100% me. I’m lucky enough to have an insurmountable amount of support from those close to me, and not everyone has that same privilege, but I want this track to personify that support and encourage those in need to fight those fears that prevent one from living to their true and full potential.”
Written by? ISA herself, along with Albin Tengblad (who also produced it) and Chris Meyer.
More from ISA? We cannot stress just how much of a bop her previous single was too. If you slept on it, you missed out. Here’s ‘Perfect‘.

You can find ‘Shy’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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