What’s this? THIS is actually quite the momentous occasion. The Icelandic band Írafár have released their first new music in THIRTEEN years. New single ‘Þú Vilt Mig Aftur’.
What the outrageous gap?! Well after three albums together, the members wanted to go out and do stuff on their own.
Why the comeback? This summer marks twenty years since the band first got together. And everyone loves a happy anniversary.
What’s the song like? Fret not if you don’t understand Icelandic – the song is still an infectiously joyous bop-and-a-half. Bombastic and brassy, it’s for all intents and purposes a grown-up schlager song – complete with the big finish.
I recognise that voice. Then you hopefully supported Iceland at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2003. That voice is none other than Birgitta Haukdal of ‘Open Your Heart’ fame and notoriety!

You can find ‘Þú Vilt Mig Aftur’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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