What’s this? One of the most creative and talented producers out there, Japanese remixer and producer Initial Talk, has gone and recruited Swedish artist ILY to write and record a new single together. And it’s released today. ‘Loving U’.
What’s it like? Gloriously retro. A song that pays such a great respect to the late ’80s, that it sounds like it was actually made then. ILY might as well have reverted back to her previous artist moniker, Mimi Oh, for this release – it’s that ’80s-chic.
Written by? Initial Talk, ILY, and Albin Myers.
More from Initial Talk? OMG where do we start?! Our current fave is the most recent Initial Talk remix – of ‘Stretch’ by Louise.

You can find ‘Loving U’ on our Best New Synthpop playlist.

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