SONG: Ina Wroldsen – ‘Sea’ (Mylo remix)

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New Ina?! Lots of new Ina, apparently! She’s just announced her forthcoming EP, titled ‘Hex’ (a trailer for which you can watch here). And earlier this month she launched the EP via the release of the first single and video – ‘Sea’. Now today, ‘Sea’ is released as a remix – via the MEGA (albeit a name we’d not heard for a while, but yay he’s back!) Mylo.
What does Ina say? “‘Sea’ and the video for the track were both inspired by my love and fascination with Scandinavian folklore. The Nøkken is the Scandinavian take on the water spirit who has haunted waters and lakes for centuries. I wanted to connect ‘Sea’ with the Nøkken because I have always been allured by him and he is the one I see when I close my eyes and listen to the currents under the water.”
What does Scandipop say? We weren’t quite sure what to make of the original version this track on first listen, truth be told (mostly based on how different it is to anything else we’ve heard from her). But a second listen saw it fall into place, a third listen saw ‘Sea’ really reveal itself to be the absolute stunner that it is, and we’ve since been enjoying plenty of listens in the few weeks since. And this Mylo remix doesn’t detract from the song’s beauty, merely just elevating it via a well crafted beat and production, that pounds as vigorously as that very sea of which Ina is singing.
Written by? Ina herself, of course! Along with Olav Tronsmoen, who also produced it.

You can find the Mylo remix of ‘Sea’ on our Best New Dance playlist. And the original version here, via the music video;

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