What’s this? She made a big impression on Norway’s Melodi Grand Prix earlier this year with her debut single, and now IMERIKA returns with the follow-up – new single ‘Sorry For Me’.
What’s it like? An intriguing pop tune that’s driven by strong melodies, a start-stop beat and a lyric that tells a story to the inevitably captivated listener.
What does she say?It’s about a young Erika who doesn’t quite understand what’s going on in life, and who doesn’t have the tools to figure it out either. It resulted in a lot of uncertainty and frustration, without the ability to stand steady.
Written by? The artist herself, along with Henrik Haraldsen Sveen, Henrik Heaven and Lars Rosness.
More from IMERIKA? If you missed the stunning ballad she released back in February – here’s ‘I Can’t Escape‘.

You can find ‘Sorry For Me’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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