What’s this? Brand-new music from Finnish artist Ilta. She’s back with her latest single ‘Ei Kukaan Muu’.
I recognise that name! Then you might well have caught her show-stealing performance at Finland’s national pre-selection for Eurovision in 2021, when she competed with her song ‘Kelle Mä Soitan’.
What’s the new song like? A mid-tempo, beat-driven ballad that takes off and goes in an unexpectedly wonderful direction just in time for the chorus. It features bells! And there aren’t any pop songs out there that couldn’t have been improved with the addition of bells.
Written by? The artist herself, along with Kyösti Salokorpi and Leo Salminen.
More from Ilta? After her UMK stint she released the single ‘Taivas Maan Päällä’.

You can find ‘Ei Kukaan Muu’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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