SONG: Gabrielle – ‘Vekk Meg Opp’

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GabrielleVekkMegOpp e1485515396748

Norwegian pop talent Gabrielle returns today after a lengthy absence with brand new single ‘Vekk Meg Opp’. And for anyone who is getting a bit fatigued at so much pop music sounding the same these days, turn to this for something a little different. Without compromising on being a blatantly bombastic pop song, ‘Vekk Meg Opp’ grabs as many elements of as many other genres as is audibly acceptable, and turns them into the edge that pushes this track so clearly above so much else on Spotify right now. The perfect reintroduction to Gabrielle, who for the past few months has been enjoying some renewed success for ‘5 Fine Frøkner’, thanks to the large part its plays in SKAM. At one point earlier this month, it was enjoying over 160,000 plays per day in Sweden. And so for any new fans of Gabrielle – ‘Vekk Meg Opp’ is the gem that should cement her status as a keeper.

You can find ‘Vekk Meg Opp’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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