Who? Swedish artist Rasmus Flyckt – whose voice many of you may already know as the lead singer of Urban Cone. He’s now out with a new solo project, and this is his excellent new single and video – ‘Love Is Overrated’.
What’s it like? A charmingly eccentric pop tune with a split personality and a tempo to keep you on your toes – in every sense.
What does he say? “When I wrote Love Is Overrated I was convinced that love was a distraction and an obstacle.
Today I’m in love with love again.”
Written by? The man himself, along with David Kjellstrand and Theo Kylin.
More from Flyckt? Check out his debut EP released last year – ‘Instant Gratification pt.1‘.

You can find ‘Love Is Overrated’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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