What’s this? Sweden’s Felicia Takman is back with a brand-new single. This is ‘Aldrig Säga Aldrig’.
What’s it like? When Felicia first released the accompanying visual (see above) for this new era that she was teasing, our hopes and expectations were understandably high. ‘Aldrig Säga Aldrig’ did not disappoint! It’s an electro-infused blast of high-energy pop. And as anyone who has been following Felicia’s career from the start will know, she’s at her best when her tempo is at its highest!
Written by? The artist herself, along with Jonathan Bellini, Mattias Jonsson and Olle Tidblom.
More from Felicia? Last year she released her debut album – ‘Alla Gör Slut‘.

You can find ‘Aldrig Säga Aldrig’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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