What’s this? Finnish artist Evelina is back with her first release of 2021. And she’s brought along Finnish newcomer ANI for a feature. Their new single and video ‘Me Ei Kuuluta Toisillemme’.
What’s it like? A traditional love duet elevated to modernity via its rousing mid-tempo production and a vocal performance that showcases spectrum-hopping levels of passion and emotion throughout. Best bit? The string-led euphoric middle eight!
Written by? Written by both artists along with Tido, who also produced it.
More from Evelina? Last year she released her third album – the conveniently titled ‘III‘.
More from ANI? Eagle-eyed (or eared?) Scandipop readers will remember we featured him on these very pages earlier in the year – thanks to his awesome tune ‘Valosta Tehty‘.

You can find ‘Me Ei Kuuluta Toisillemme’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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