SONG: Etzia – ‘Up’ (Partillo remix)

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If like us, you watched Etzia perform ‘Up’ at last night’s Melodifestivalen, and your first thought was “That was over far too quickly for me, I need more. Much more.” – you’re in luck. Perhaps anticipating the insatiable appetite that viewers would have for her MAX TRACK FOR THE GENERATIONS, Etzia has gone and released a second version of the song on the single. So on top of the flawless original, which you would think could not be improved, we have the Patrillo remix. This mix extends the song’s duration by a whopping and well needed 50%. And in that extra minute and a half, we get to hear Etzia drop a whole new verse on which she MCs to the same style and standard her fans have become accustomed to (such as on this gem ‘Same Thing A Gwaan‘). Damn that three minute rule. And sonically, the whole thing also gets a more authentic dancehall makeover. “NATURAL“!

You can find ‘Up’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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