(photo: Sandra Thorsson)

What’s this? After delighting us with ‘Vi Två‘, Swedish band estraden are back with a new single and video. And this time they’ve brought along Molly Sandén (whom they had previously written for) to feature on it, as a sort of duet between her and lead singer Louise. This is not only smart, this is ‘Smartare’.
What’s it like? A synth-laden pop track masquerading as an organic folk ballad. And quite successfully, at that.
Written by?  Molly Sandén, Louise Lennartsson, Felix Flygare Floderer, Carl Silvergran and Alex Shield.
More from estraden & Molly? A couple of weeks back, they performed the song live together at Lollapalooza. AND filmed it, for our viewing pleasure. Watch.

You can find ‘Smartare’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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