What’s this? The second of six songs competing to represent Finland at the Eurovision Song Contest in May. Finnish broadcaster YLE are releasing the rest of them every working day up until Friday. But to be honest, they might as well call the whole thing off now.
Why? Because we have our winner. Our UMK winner. Our Eurovision winner. Our winner at life, in general.
And who’s that? CICCIOLINA. Or, to be more precise, the song ‘Cicciolina’, by Finnish artist Erika Vikman.
What’s so good about it? It’s a throwback to the golden era of schlager ten years ago. The golden era of pop twenty years ago. The golden era of synthpop thirty years ago. And the golden era of disco forty years ago. But more importantly, it’s a glimpse into the future of recorded music as we don’t yet know it, but will come to accept. Gladly.
So you like it, then? It has its charms, yeah. You could say that.
Could it win? If it doesn’t, then it renders the whole comcept of a competition around music null and void. No pressure, Finland.
Written by? Janne Rintala, Mika Laakkonen, Erika Vikman and Saskia Vanhalakka.

You can find ‘Cicciolina’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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