Danish actual Eurovision winner as she lives and breathes Emmelie De Forest is back with a brand new single and video. Her first since 2015’s ‘Hopscotch‘. The new one is called ‘Sanctuary’. And to be honest, even before we heard any music we were won over by her return. What about that LOOK?! As it happens though, ‘Sanctuary’ is an absolute tune. And just exactly the sort of thing that will impress you if you were quite taken with her music back in say….ooooh….2013? This is updated and reinvigorated EDF. Written by Emmelie herself, along with Jo Pereira, Allyson Ezell, and Matthew Ker.

Speaking about the song, Emmelie says: “A Sanctuary could be many different things. To me, it’s all the ideas that pop up in your head and then suddenly you see them transform from a feather in your mind to actual wings. It’s really the feeling of creating something, weather it be a song, a story or a painting.

So to me a sanctuary is not just a place to hide from danger, but a place away from the world and the daily life where you can dream and create.

You can find ‘Sanctuary’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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