What’s this? Norwegian talent Emma Steinbakken has recorded and released a song to accompany series 2 of Netflix’s Home For Christmas. ‘Stay With Me’.
What’s it like? A beautiful piano ballad with a heart-stopping and then heart-breaking melody.
Hang on, I recognise said melody. The song is a an English-language version of ‘Bli Hos Meg’ by Danish artist Fredrik Domaas, which we featured on the site last month. We love the good-for-the-environment, recycling sensibilities of the Nordic nations!
Written by? Carl Krantz, Duncan Townsend, Emma Steinbakken, Fredrik Nysæther Domaas, Fredrik Tobias Anstensen,  Johanne Møllebråten and Vegard Hurum.

You can find ‘Stay With Me’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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