What’s this? The newcomer from Jessheim in Norway, Emma Steinbakken, is finally out with her debut EP, self-penned and self-titled.
What’s on it? The debut single from last year (‘Not Gonna Cry’), the new single (‘Never Forgiving’), and three brand-new tracks.
Highlights? The big highlight for us is the phenomenal new single, ‘Never Forgiving’.
What’s it like? A not-fucking-around, crystal-clear, brutal break-up anthem. We would not want to be on the other end of its message. But we do think it’s a marvellous listen. It’s got drama, it’s got references to school (bless!), and it’s got a chorus that drops all the surrounding production so that it can really hammer home its point.

You can find ‘Never Forgiving’ on our Best New Pop playlist.


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