SONG: Emilia Pantic – ‘Död’

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(photo: Chris Schonting)

What’s this? The brand-new single from Swedish newcomer Emilia Pantic – her third. This is ‘Död’.
What does that mean? DEAD!
What’s it like? A raucous and catchy pop anthem of emancipation with some clear roots in… wait for it…. GRUNGE!
What does Emilia say?In my previous relationship, something happened that caused my whole world to collapse. A girl I was dating crossed a boundary and burned all her bridges. That event made me realise that I did not want her in my life anymore. Immediately after that, I went to the studio and got an outlet for all my emotions with this song. It became some form of revenge and to regain some dignity.
Written by? Emilia Pantic and Åke Olofsson.
More from Emilia Pantic? We were also big fans of her previous single – ‘Säg Det Som Du Menar Det’. And we strongly believe that you could be too.

You can find ‘Död’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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