What’s this? The new single and video from Swedish artist Em Appelgren – a collaboration with Australian producer Valence. It’s called ‘Wicked’, and it’s a summer-flavoured and sunshine-tinged pop bop. On it, Em sounds like she’s having an absolute riot – which is always an instantly likable element in any pop song. And it’s quite infectious too.
Best bit? It’s got lyrics that read like a Tinder profile that gets straight to the point. “Are you up for it?”, “I’m wicked”, and “Join me if you’re open minded”. Filth.
Written by? Peo Dahl and Linda Sonnvik, with additional production by Valence.
More from Em? We’re still giving big love (and listens) to her previous single ‘Game Over‘.

You can find ‘Wicked’ on our Best New Pop playlist.


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