Swedish artist Em Appelgren returns today with a brand new single and video. It’s called ‘Game Over’ and we’re instantly head-over-heels with it. A pure pop track, but with an intriguing eighties electro production to it. Intriguing in that – perhaps because of the song’s title – it seems to be paying a homage to the sounds of the iconic eighties arcade games. As such, it sounds like it’s come right out of the first half of Black Mirror’s San Junipero episode. A well thought out homage to a specific element of a period of time, resulting in a top quality piece of art in its own right. There’s also a couple of remixes available, if you fancy it. ‘Game Over’s music is by Peo Dahl, with music and lyrics by Linda Sonnvik.

You can find ‘Game Over’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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