SONG: Em – ‘Rising in Love’

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EM! Singer of ‘Taking Back My Heart’ and ‘Wicked’ fame is back with her third single, ‘Rising in Love’.
Is she still championing the POP half of dancepop? Mercifully, she is. The Swedish popstress is one of our favourite debutantes of 2014 – largely because of the music she’s putting out and how obvious it sounds that she enjoys it.
Does ‘Rising in Love’ deliver? It does! A chugging pop production with an almighty key change that takes you by surprise (although we’ve probably ruined the surprise now – sorry). She’s also hooked in a sexy hunk chap for the video, so it’s bonus points from us.
Who is behind the song? Swedish writer and producer team Linda Sonnvik and Christian Oscarsson – aka Soundstreamers.


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