What’s this? The latest single from a fresh new talent emerging from Denmark right now. 17-year-old Elliot, and ‘I Hope For Rain’.
He’s trolling us with these miserable song titles by this point, isn’t he? I mean, it might appear that way. But we’re gonna take the less cynical view and just say that he’s a young guy with a lot of feelings.
What’s the song like? The tone is most definitely dark, but thanks to a bubbly production, there’s an added layer of tension to the song that you’re never quite sure is leaning towards either unbridled gloom or cheeky mischief.
Written by? Elliot himself, along with Maria Broberg, Marco Twellmann and Karl-Frederik Reichhardt.
More from Elliot? Earlier in the year he released his debut EP – ‘I Don’t Like To Have Fun‘.

You can find ‘I Hope For Rain’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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