SONG: Elin Bell – ‘Shooting Words’/’Christmas Is Coming’

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ElinBell e1418159584460

An old fashioned double a-side single with a Christmas song! It’s like being back in the UK in the late 90s. Swedish singer Elin Bell has released not one but two exceptional songs as her new single, and one of them is a yuletide offering.
Best bit about ‘Shooting Words’? Obviously the synth melody of the chorus which is later interpreted as a whistle riff. So brilliant, we don’t know why more pop songs do it. Catchy as sin.
Best bit about ‘Christmas Is Coming’? It’s a Christmas song that manages to showcase a glimmer of actual Christmas magic. Which is rarer than you’d think for a Christmas song. Perhaps it’s the short length, the simplicity of the melody, or the fragility of the production and her vocals. But we’d say it’s an unidentifiable and impossible to imitate blend of all three and a little bit more.


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