Who? Swedish songwriter Emelie Eriksson last year launched a pop career under the artist moniker EEVA. And with her debut single, ‘Jimmy From The Gym’, delivered one of our fave tunes of 2019. This weekend she returned with a new version of the song – an acoustic version.
What’s it like? This new take on the song showcases it in a whole new light, accentuating not only the cuteness of the song, but also a kind-of heart-breaking element that we hadn’t picked up on before.
And who is this Jimmy from the gym? Just the latest in a long line of fellas trying their chances with EEVA, but alas, “they don’t look like you“. And therein lies the heart ache.
Written by? EEVA herself, along with Jakob Redzter and Marcus Holmberg.
What does Eeva say? “Jimmy’s the one who makes the most noises in the gym. You should ignore that guy! It’s definitely a song that’ll divide opinion. But it’s not hate-able. It tiptoes near the line, I admit, but it doesn’t quite cross it. I want people to laugh, and have fun with it.”

You can find ‘Jimmy From The Gym’ (acoustic version) on our Best New Pop playlist, and you can find the video for the original version under the stream;

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