What’s this? New music from one of THE queens of 2020, Dotter. She’s saying goodbye to the year she ruled and heralding the arrival of a new one – with new single ‘New Year’.
What’s it like? A gorgeous epic with Dotter’s trademark flair for the sonic theatrics. This one is all the more intriguing a listen, as it pairs a gothic tone with a more hopeful message. Brilliant stuff, and more than anything else she’s released since, this sounds like the most logical sonic follow-up to ‘Bulletproof’.
Written by? Dotter herself, along with Robin Stjernberg and Dino Medanhodzic.
More from Dotter? She’s nominated for Best Pop (for ‘Bulletproof’) and Best Female Artist over in the 2021 Scandipop Awards. You can vote right here.

You can find ‘New Year’ on our Best New Pop playlist.


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