Can it be? Can it really really be?! Danny Saucedo returns today with his first official single since the summer of 2013’s ‘Todo El Mundo’. He’s back to music full time now. And this is his reintroduction to his pop career – ‘Brinner i Bröstet’.
And? What’s it bloody well like? An epic r&b ballad with lots of high points. That guitar riff which rears its head before the first verse and returns for every chorus – yes. The massive great big melody that Danny delivers with an ear catching passion – yes. The almighty return of the final chorus after that rap – yes. It’s Danny singing in Swedish for the first time. And while r&b ballads aren’t new for him (hello ‘Delirious’), ‘Brinner i Bröstet’ is definitely a whole other level of that sound and genre.
Wait, there’s a rap? There is. Not by Danny though, he’s roped in his mate Malcolm B for that.
Is there an album on the way? There IS! Scheduled for release this autumn, and entirely in Swedish. It’s produced by Mattias Andrèasson – Danny’s EMD bandmate, who has in the last 12 months more come into his own as a producer (most notably for Swedish pop gent Albin).


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