SONG: Daniel Oliver – ‘Hátt’

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Hasn’t…hasn’t this been out a few weeks? On YouTube, yes. But over the weekend, it finally got unleashed onto Spotify and all other streaming services. In other words, we can all listen to it ‘on the go’ now.
Nice. And it comes off the back of another single? It does! The delectable ‘Licky Licky’, no less – his entry to Iceland’s national selection for Eurovision, Söngvakeppnin. But now he’s decided to release the *other* song that he submitted to Söngvakeppnin. This is ‘Hátt’.
What’s it like? The exact opposite to ‘Licky Licky’. ‘Hátt’ is an atmospheric power-ballad about advocating for peace, with a distinctly Nordic feel. It’s a song that shows off his vocal better than anything he’s released before, and allows him to showcase a totally different side to his sound.
Hang on, so let me get this straight. He submitted a song about advocating for peace, to a song contest being held in Israel, and the Icelandic broadcaster went with…..’Licky Licky’? Yup.
Gotcha. What does Daniel say about the song? “The song is about finding peace and being an example, yourself, to building a better world. It would have been a great message at Eurovision in Israel, where people have been at war for a very long time. I hope it moves people, even non-Icelandic listeners.”
More from Daniel? Well yes – we’re still giving plenty of spins to his Söngvakeppnin entry ‘Samt Ekki’ (the Icelandic version of ‘Licky Licky’). Here’s the live performance, if you’ve yet to have seen it.

You can find ‘Hátt’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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