What’s this? The latest single from Norwegian genius Dagny. The beautifully melodic synthpop stunner ‘Used To You’.
What does Dagny say? “I’ve been very excited about releasing my new single “Used To You”. It’s a song full of energy and guts, but with a heartbreaking undertone. Emotionally it was my hardest song to write to date. Lyrically it’s reflects and observes a relationship that’s coming to an end. But as always, wrapped with a production full of hope and positivity.”
Written by? Dagny herself, along with Emma Bertilsson, Jason Gill and Lucy Pawws. Produced by Jason Gill.
More from Dagny? Personally, we’re still REELING from last month’s ‘That Feeling When‘. She just keeps ’em coming.

You can find ‘Used To You’ on our Best New Synthpop playlist.


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