(photo: Sara Abraham)

What’s this? Norwegian pop superstar Dagny is back again and she’s banging again. On her new single ‘Brightsider’.
What’s a brightsider? Someone who always looks on the bright side of things.
And is there a lot of bright side to be looked upon in ‘Brightsider’? To say that there is a bright side to this song would imply that there is a darker side. And that is not the case here. All light, no shade. A euphoric pop tune with drums beaten even harder than normal in an attempt to be heard over the ambitious melody of the chorus. Spectacular all round, really.
What does Dagny say?One of my strengths and best qualities is precisely that I can see the positive instead of digging myself down. Brightsider became an outlet for this.
Written by? The artist herself, along with Cato Sundberg, Kent Sundberg and Nick Hahn.
More from Dagny? This is her first single since last year’s duet with Astrid S, ‘Pretty‘.

You can find ‘Brightsider’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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