After spending time as a member of both Love Generation and Stockholm Syndrome, and then featuring on a few dance tracks afterwards, Swedish artist Cornelia Jakobs is finally out with her debut solo single – the music video for which she released yesterday. It’s ‘Late Night Stories’, released over the weekend. The song is a bit of an epic, in that it clocks in at four and a half minutes. But it’s a pleasingly good length as it’s such an enjoyable listen. A soft-rock number that’s heavy on the drama, and doesn’t shy away from turning the volume up on either the strings or the backing vocals. As such, it makes for the kind of song that makes you want to press play again straight away – to make sure that you’ve taken in everything that it has to offer.  ‘Late Night Stories’ was written by Cornelia herself, along with Cassandra Casso and Max Thulin.

You can find ‘Late Night Stories’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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