A good old-fashioned double a-side. How wonderfully retro! Not as wonderfully retro as the songs!
What are they? Swedish artist Clara Rubensson has covered the ’80s classic ‘Love In Siberia’, as well as Poland’s song for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest – ‘The Ride’.
Why on earth has she covered ‘The Ride’? Well she wrote it. And originally recorded it, intending it to be her fourth single. But in the end, she allowed the song to fly off on a different journey to Rotterdam with Rafal Brzozowski. So she’s now releasing her own version as originally planned.
What’s her version like? Very similar to the one you know from Eurovision. But with an even more retro-synth feel to the production. And with better vocals, too, naturally.
And what’s she done with ‘Love In Siberia’? She’s given us a glorious new-generational take on the ultra-camp gem. If you aren’t familiar with the original, allow Clara’s new recording to be your gateway into the song’s majesty.

You can find both ‘Love In Siberia’ and ‘The Ride’ on our Best New Synthpop playlist.

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