What’s this? Two of Sweden’s brightest songwriting and artist talents – Brother Leo and Sandro Cavazza – have gotten together to record and release a song together. This is ‘Sad Child’.
What’s it like? Well despite the title, ‘Sad Child’ is actually quite the upbeat rouser. Thanks to an impossibly infectious beat and a super-catchy whistle riff, you’ll be bopping along in no time.
What does Brother Leo say? “Wrote this one with a fucked up toe and a broken heart. I’m really glad that it found its way and that it’s finally out there with you! I’ve been a big fan of Sandro Cavazza’s voice and songwriting for a good while, so when the question came up of making this one together, it just felt right!”
What does Sandro say? “I want to help people shift their focus, even if only for a second, from all of the problems around them, and hopefully this song can help with that.”
Written by? The two chaps themselves, along with Johan Lindebrandt.

You can find ‘Sad Child’ on our Best New Pop playlist.


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