SONG: Bodin – ‘So Good’

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What’s this? The latest single from Bodin – a singer, songwriter and producer that hails from Lindesnes, which you will find located at the southern tip of Norway. This is ‘So Good’.
And is it? We would actually say that he is selling it short and that it is, in fact, better than so good. We would put it somewhere on the ‘great’ tier.
What’s it like? An electropop banger for the ages. And most definitely for this age right here right now.
What does Bodin say? “So Good is definitely my favorite one so far. The song is about the feelings you get when having bad days. The story takes you from having these depressing thoughts to actually doing something about it and get out of it. It´s all about finding your own way to be and feel happy/good.”
Written by? ‘So Good’ is produced and written by Bodin himself, and co-written with Sondre Mjåland.

You can find ‘So Good’ on our Best New Synthpop playlist.

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