SONG: BESS – ‘Rakastan En Rakasta’

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What’s this? Finnish artist BESS made a big impression on her country earlier this year when she attempted to represent the Nordic nation at the Eurovision Song Contest. Her song ‘Ram Pam Pam’ didn’t win Finland’s pre-selection, UMK, of course, but it *did* go on to take up residency at the number 1 spot on Spotify Finland for over two months. Which is pretty incredible, all things considered. Now she’s back with the follow-up single – ‘Rakastan En Rakasta’.
What’s it like? Well, if you loved ‘Ram Pam Pam’ (and clearly a lot of people did), then you’ll find a hell of a lot to enjoy here, too. It’s just as unapologetically raucous and loud as its predecessor, and long may the increased tempo and volume continue.
What does BESS say?The song speaks about the contradictions of loving. The mind and the heart don’t always speak the same language and the heart seems to have an awareness all of its own. While love is wonderful and the only thing that matters in human life, it is also terrifying and reveals everything about us. It has a tendency to mess everything up until we’re ready to just accept it as it is.”
Written by? Essi Launimo, Jonas Olsson, Lisa Nikula and Sini Yasemin.
More from BESS? Let’s watch that performance of ‘Ram Pam Pam’ again, shall we? Yes, let’s.

You can find ‘Rakastan En Rakasta’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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