What’s this? The latest release from Finnish popstar Benjamin. ‘TikTok’.
Is it an existential musing about the hopeless passing of time using the sound of a clock as a metaphor for the ever-increasing speed of the countdown towards our deaths? Or is it about the kids’ app? Our Finnish is a tad rusty, so we’ll have to pass on that one.
What’s the song like? Charmingly eccentric. You’ve never heard ‘tik tok’ (or ‘tick tock’, for that matter) chanted in such a hypnotic way as than by our Benj’. But hey, it makes for one hell of a catchy pop song.
Written by? Benjamin himself, alongside Atso Soivio, Iivari Suosalo and Vilhelm Sefve Svensson.
More from Benjamin? This song comes just a few weeks after his current single ‘WWW‘.

You can find ‘TikTok’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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